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Professional Training

“Anne teaches intuitively and understands fully the importance of the mind-body connection.

She has a natural gift, the qualifications and experience to put into practice all she has learned, experienced and developed for the benefit of all, who put their faith in her and themselves.

That is why, as a participant of a Pilates class, receiving or a student of aromatherapy or reflexology or as a student Pilates teacher, you will have a tremendous opportunity to learn and experience for yourselves and gain lifelong tools so you can take charge of your total wellbeing and help those around you.”

Gerald Spencer, Physical Education teacher and BA Economics, Oxford.

Teacher and therapist training courses in Pilates, aromatherapy and reflexology.

Anne has been an active teacher for over twenty five years.

The art of teacher and therapist training is to educate, inform, inspire, motivate, communicate, convey, listen, observe, experience, sense, stimulate and question. This is always Anne’s mission in her professional training courses.

Those interested  in professional training courses please contact for more information.